Poetry & Prose

Some collections of words stay true some only remain as reminders. Enjoy, share and feel free to leave comments.


My past pretense begs one to wonder
if I should change my name ? …

d’Versify Mortality

I entered the world with a heart unfinished. My heart became whole soon enough for …

Cora and I

On these long hot days we sit in the tree limbs hanging over the Charlotte River. We wear cut-off jeans and matching tattered TMNT t-shirts …

Feathered Winter Feast

The shadows of summer birds hop among skeletal branches. Aviary hobos …

A Bolster, Gird up your Loins !

Exhausted individuals persevere everyday. Join the ranks ! …

Give Nor, Give Up

A self-made raw cotton dress. Abby tenderly wraps the gift. Her bare feet find their way down the stairs, past rich wood panelling. She sees herself in a gilded frame …

Reach the Commune

Negative improper communism/socialism is mandatory with remedial, unsettling quality and equality; Positive ideal communism is voluntary with perpetually improving quality and equality. ROAD BLOCK: Greedy …

The Meteor’s Shower

Daddy drives out of town.
Stops in a dark lot.
Mommy and Telly carry lights
for sake of the black moon …

Nature’s Bounty On My Head

I scream today, just to see if I can. A coughing fit follows. I SCREAM louder and precede to sing …


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