The Blue Green Grey and the Oyster

A mop of curled seaweed and pallid flesh causes the earth to quake as he steps
and with many others I gravitate to his ankle.
His pedal phalanges buried by my sisters.

He smiles at us scattered beneath him.

I watch him as he scans the horizon of
the blue green grey.

I feel like I lived there once in
the blue green grey.

Clinging to skin and hair I fly beside him to
the blue green grey.

Rushing fast he leaps.

I let go his skin and swim in
the blue green grey.

I dance in a crush that fills his mouth with
the blue green grey

He spits me out back into
the blue green grey.

He flees the blue green grey and steps upon my sisters as he goes.

Restlessly I miss the man from his
pedal phalanges to crowning follicles.

Swirling down and down I am sucked into a warmth.
As I touch the mouth of the oyster, he sees my lack.
I’ll sacrifice myself for you. With what light is in me let me polish you and he will seek the treasure that you truly are.


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