d’Versify Mortality

I entered the world with a heart unfinished. My physical heart became whole soon enough for a wayward son of God tempted by the Adversary to brake the metaphysical one. Scars of distrust developed for my body, that gift of mortality betrayed by the actions of another. I feel sorrow for that son of God, for all shall be judged justly. God heals it all though. I know and value once again the tool I’ve been given in this mortality. Lastly I learned empathy, for I found I am not alone in such experiences. If I can I hope to guide others far beyond these experiences.

My Savior, Jesus Christ, loves. Tribulation and pain create a choices: Do you retaliate and spread more pain ? Or, do you treasure others as well as yourself. I will choose the latter of the two.

If we are truly beings of light and great energy, then mortality is a prism showing us a variety of choices and the many parts of us. I versify the diversity of these choices.

Choices which sometimes separate us from truth, from God. We are all God’s children, and when in line with his will, returning our wildly colorful light back through the prism of the atonement, we shall shine with His perfect light, which we are all a part of. We must choose to show eachother that the Savior Jesus Christ is the brightest hope to unify and respect the rainbow of God’s creations.


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