one of many monikers. I am “Renaissance-Woman” to those who watch me work; “Aurora” to those who believe I will always wake-up & rise above the darkest night; “Ani-Bell” to a beloved few. My home is with my greatest love & for now that is among some hills in Utah. In 2012 Utah Valley University presented me with two papers to prove I learned a Bachelors worth of Art & a Bachelors worth of Creative Writing. I also learned how to learn.

It’s been my opportunity to study-abroad in a handful of Italian cities. Creative conferences, critique groups, & museums add to the education received since graduation. Time in Utah, Florida, California, New York, & Illinois taught differnt lessons & presented different challenges. I try to learn from people I meet all along the way. They share their divine nature, & some of their tragedy. They open my eyes to my own divinity & tell me, some without words, to choose love, faith, & hope. I am only beginning to know who I am, only beginning to show who that is.

If you look into my room, you could guess about who I might be. The chaotic collections of a life trapped between four walls, but we are all much more than our bric-a-brac. Far more precious, far more changeling, & far more magical than our effects would suggest. There is a power we can share in. I share in it as I play with eternal light in a world sometimes stuck in a dark night. I trust in God, a Heavenly Father. I am his 28 year old child, finally learning about His love, relying on grace and Christ’s sacrifice. I write & paint & sing & sculpt many kinds of stories, renew old furniture, and festively disguise faces.


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